When I was a little kid: I want to be a teenager.

When I was a teenager: I just wanted to be an adult and be free.

Now: It’s not worth it guys! MAYDAY MAYDAY stay young at all costs! You’re never free….

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Anonymous said: What was your most epic unbeatable dates?

These are kind of crazy, and I feel like they might not happen to people but…

I went on a couple dates with Katy Perry’s bassist and he let me play her guitar. I’m a musician so I died a little.

Then I went to Iceland and met the lead singer of The Dirty Projectors at a bar and we hung out for a little while and then made out and then he invited me to an after party where Bjork showed up and we partied all night with a small group of like 15 people. He got my number had 3 days later he was playing a show in LA, California where I’m from with mumford and sons. I went on a hike with him and to the show for free and he left to go back on tour.

Those dates were like stories in movies.

Anonymous said: How many dates have you went on ? Lol guys are such assholes . I invited a guy over my house to watch a movie bc hes been asking to comeover. and the date was prob perfect and we were acting like a couple, cuddling making out.. and today he told me it was just a one time hookup. Never had feelings i guess :)

Thats terrible!! :(

That has happened to me multiple times and it always sucks. I usually say yes to dates because I know how hard it is to ask a girl out that you might like. I mean I’ve had a lot of bad dates but now that I think about it I also have a couple of the most EPIC unbeatable dates of all time as well :)

Just think about the karma. Later you will probably make out with a rock star.

Anonymous said: Your worst date stories are crazy😩 any more ?

Yeah I do literally every first date I’ve been on has been terrible.

I was asked on a date by a guy and a week later he came to pick me up and he had a nasty mustache. He talked about his facial hair the entire date and then when he went to take me home he drove past my house to his grandmas house which is where he lived and he tried to get me to sleep with him there.



Let’s play a game. You tell me your worst date story and I will tell you one of mine. Because all of mine are bad.

One time I went on a first date and I ended up in the bathroom throwing up

Omg me too! I had food poisoning and I got home and my whole family had it within 4 hours.

I went on a group date with a guy who accidentally invited another girl and forgot that he had invited me. He ignored me the whole time and on the way home he cuddled with her in the back seat and I was in the same seat as them. I went home and cried.

Anonymous said: Oh my👀👌👍👏👉💏💏💏💏💞💘💖💕💓💋

Aww so many emojis 😛 🐈

Anonymous said: Getting cocked blocked...(the movie made me totes cry)

Well if it makes you feel better, I’d make out with you.

I like your sun glasses.

Anonymous said: It was my 2nd anniversary with my bf and he didn't talk to me for the whole date, totally ignored me, it was like I wasn't even there

What? That’s lame! I’d be so mad :(

I met a guy who seemed normal but we met up for a date a week later at a restaurant (his pick) and he showed up with a pacifier in his mouth because he was on ecstasy and if he didn’t have one he would be chewing holes in his cheeks. He tried to get me to come to a rave with him instead of dinner so I left.

Send me your worst date story and I’ll send you one of mine

Anonymous said: My first date was to go see high school musical three, and like I was going to make out with my date on the top roll but my friend took the seat I wanted so he cocked blocked me, the worst part about that is we didn't even finish the movie! I had to wait two years for it to come out on Disney channel...

Were you more disappointed about not making out with your date or about the fact that you didn’t finish watching the movie?

I went on a date with a guy who took me on a hike and he brought his dog and everything was fine until we were on our way home and we turned around and his dog was dead in the back seat. So he stopped at a house and idk why but he grabbed their hose and sprayed the whole car full blast including me and the dog and then started crying and trying to give him mouth to mouth. We got back in the car to take him to the vet and the dog was farting the whole time because he couldn’t hold his bowels. They pronounced him dead and then he took me home. It was awful…

Send me your worst date and I’ll tell you one of mine.

Anonymous said: Once I ate a date and there was an ant inside and it was really gross

I was set up on a blind date with a polygamist who had 5 moms and 37 siblings. He told me that his friends don’t go out to try to hook up with girls because they can just go home with their sisters.

Let’s play a game. You tell me your worst date story and I will tell you one of mine. Because all of mine are bad.