So last night in my little dorm in Alaska I took some allergy meds to calm down a massive spider bite on my leg, and as I was climbing into bed, my best friend got a message from our old boss at the hell ski lodge we worked at a couple winters ago (Her husband created the .gov domain and they are filthy rich).
She offered us both nanny positions for her daughters with a private cabin and chef and a private plane to location in the morning if we wanted it. So I considered my options, realized that I would make more money there in one month than I would staying at this job for two (plus the bonus), and I quit this morning. I am currently sitting in Anchorage airport awaiting my private plane with Marleah. Life rules.

I can’t even.

I can literally only odd right now.

atomicgod said: do u like tequila? favorite movie of all time?

Oh man, the first time I ever drank tequila, I almost spit it out. I real don’t like it. favor joie ao all itime is the Princess bride! it has everything. action adventure love and explosions. you can’t not like it.

My internet has been terrible lately! Alaska is beautiful and so are the animals. I will be getting my first tattoo in a few weeks and I will post pictures! I miss posting for you all. there will probably be a bundle of pictures from me at the end of the summer. Possible plans for a road trip from Florida to California after my time in Alaska, then a seasonal job in Florida for the winter, and possibly 2015-2016 in New Zealand.